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Scott Summers. a.k.a. Cyclops.
a.k.a. the self appointed face of the new mutant revolution.

❝But--But-- People hate him.❞
❝No. You people hate him.

People on the street love him.❞


{ This better get me a  s c h o l a r s h i p. }

                       David Bond, 30. Ad Illustrator, Homo Superior
                           Accessory to supposed mutant terrorism.

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     Ⓧ — [ Her sudden reappearance was shocking, to say
                  the least. It’s not that he didn’t want to see her
                  again, it’s more along the lines that he saw her
                  die on that battlefield and was sure the X-Men
                  of her time would have buried her. So seeing
                  her back only made him consider another time
                  paradox. Did Illyana or perhaps others go to
                  their time to recollect them before the moment
                  Illyana had? The shock flushed and he became
                  firm. If she was back, something’s wrong]

Wol—Jubilee… what brings you back?

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[ I ded. ]

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i think i get my shit together and then 


hey vizh…

hey kat…

*looks at all srs like*

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// no dates 4 u



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… Whatever your reasons may be for coming here, perhaps Xorn was right in the end.  Whatever squabble that you and the Wolverine of this time period may have with each other, it changed her.  No, it changed everyone and everything.

… But perhaps, I should thank you for that, Scott Summers.  Because it means my time period might not be distorted.

     Ⓧ — [ That was something he’d expected. To be blamed. 
                  After all, he is the mutant scapegoat. For dare holding 
                  ‘arms’ against those that will attempt to eliminate 
                  their kind. He’s only doing what he’s always done
                  but in a completely open fashion. He’s created more
                  allies and publicity through this way and he’s not 
                  once regretted using the media. Should Logan 
                  continue to blame him for something he’s not stopped
                  thinking about? That wasn’t Scott’s problem, all he 
                  cares about is the safety of his kids. ]

The future changes by your mere presence here. Don’t shift the blame on a fight that Logan refuses to let go of when it’s the future altering itself.

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You could ask me out on a date first, god.

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if the x men werent so busy defending mutant rights this is what i imagine theyd do

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[The bug actually just sees too many corny movies]


Good. Can you see colors with that thing?

[ He found it more than strange to even have his discussion, but for whatever reason, he allowed it to continue. ]

I’m seeing red, so you tell me.

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